Snow & Ice Management

Don’t wait until the flakes start falling to give us a call! That’s tricky business. Schedule a snow and ice management plan with our professionals, and we’ll take care of you all season long.

Maryland’s unpredictable weather can make it hard to keep up with the snow.

We specialize in all residential and commercial snow management, regardless of the size of your home, business, school, parking lot, etc. At Y&L Landscaping, we have the experience and expertise to keep your location continuously clear of ice and snow all winter long. 


Why Choose Us?

At Y&L Landscaping, our experts provide dependable and timely service with clear communication and a strict schedule. With a simplified customer service operation, your account manager is always a phone call away; providing any assistance you may need.

Our crews are comprised of a dependable and professional fleet of well-maintained trucks, equipment, and bulk salt capabilities.

We have the safest and most efficient snow management practices in the region, with unmatched reliability. Our continued success is a result of our highly trained staff and excellent planning.

Who We Are

We are professional snow and ice management experts with over 20 years of experience servicing clients of all sizes throughout Maryland and the Baltimore region.

At Y&L Landscaping, our team is known for excellent safety standards, quick response times, exceptional customer service, and over two decades of outstanding work for both commercial and residential clients.

We are a company that collaborates closely with customers to ensure our team provides the exact results you are looking for!

Top Rated Snow Management Company in Baltimore

Fully Licensed & Insured

Snow plowing, stacking, hauling

Service available 24/7 during snow & ice storms

Over 20 Years of Professional Experience

Here’s What We Do

When it comes to the cold season, staying proactive is the only way to ensure the surrounding areas of your property or business are safely cleared of ice and snow. We stay on top of hazardous and impending weather events and will communicate real-time updates.

Y&L Landscaping offers a variety of tailored services to remediate snowy conditions, including:

  • Salting and brine application
  • Snow plowing, stacking, hauling
  • Excessive snow removal
  • Snow blowing
  • Service available 24/7 during snow and ice storms

Salting and brine application

Snow plowing, stacking, hauling

Excessive snow removal

Snow blowing

Service available 24/7 during snow and ice storms

Snow Plowing

Our snow plowing services include the removal of snow from entrances, drive lanes, handicap parking, and other critical areas to keep your property safe and open.


We work to actively deice properties to prevent slip & falls, and proactively to prevent refreeze.

Risk Management

Our staff works tirelessly to reduce risk by clearing snow and ice that could lead to accidents.

Sidewalks and Walkways

We clear walkways and sidewalks to keep our customers safe and your business operational.

Snow Stacking

This also includes hauling and melting. We move snow to a convenient location off your property, or eliminate it through melting.

Who We Serve

We serve any private and public business, including:

Private homes

Corporate offices and Industrial parks

Apartments and Living communities

Retail shopping centers and Malls

Hospitals and Medical complexes

Commercial and Retail parking lots

Government facilities


Manufacturing and Warehouses

Shipping yards

And much more!

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