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At Y&L Landscaping, we enhance the value of every property we landscape in Owings Mills, Maryland and the surrounding areas. Our company makes obtaining your desired outdoor space easy with fair landscape pricing that suits your budget. We offer a personal, small-business experience tailored to your needs and rely on satellite imagery to provide precise measurements of your property and accurate pricing.

Our affordable landscape pricing for services in Owings Mills, Maryland is backed by certified expertise and a highly-skilled team. Our landscape team is under the supervision of a certified landscape professional, and our snow and ice team is supervised by a certified snow professional.

Y&L Landscaping Service is one of the few landscaping companies with an NDS-certified drainage professional. We are the only NDS-Preferred vendor in Maryland to provide quality erosion control and drainage solutions. You can depend on our team to deliver fast services and quick responses to your inquiries in less than 24 hours. We also leverage some of the most sophisticated technology for our commercial snow services, offering 24/7 live dispatch and storm updates from a private weather forecasting service. Our snow & ice services help protect you from slip-and-fall lawsuits made in bad faith. We document our service from start to finish, providing before and after photos and GPS location data to protect you from slip-and-fall liabilities.

Whether you need landscaping, hardscaping, drainage, or snow and ice service, Y&L Landscaping can provide licensed and insured solutions that you can depend on. We are an experienced landscaping company with more than 25 years in the industry. Our team also provides 24/7 emergency service for urgent drainage, tree, and snow issues. Call us for emergency service or fill out the form and receive a call within 24 hours to get started.

Landscape Projects

Starting At $1,000
Our landscape projects revitalize your property and make your greenery fresh and healthy. Our services to refresh your outdoor space include:
Planting & mulching
Installation of plant and garden beds
Turf & sod installation
Brush & vegetation clearing
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Hardscape Projects

Starting At $2,000
Our hardscape projects transform your yard into an outdoor space for gatherings by the firepit, meals with your family and friends, or provide a more presentable common area for your business. You can choose from the following:
Retaining Walls
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Tree Removal

Starting At $1,000
Our team can safely remove any dead, diseased, or pest-infested trees on your property before they fall and cause damage. Costs can vary depending on the tree's size and the situation's complexity.
Small, medium and large trees
Stump grinding and tree removal
Can remove all debris & wood chips, backfill, reseed, and straw
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Tree Pruning

Starting at $550
Pruning a tree can help it remain healthy and thriving. Our tree pruning services range in price based on the tree.
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Yard Drainage

Starting At $2,500
Your property can remain free of standing water, foundation damage, and erosion with our NDS-certified drainage services. Choose from the following drainage services:
Keep water away from your foundation
Eliminate standing water
Stop wet pavement & water entry
Prevent Problems that can damage your home
Installation of french drains, drain fields, dry wells, & plumbing systems
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Snow Removal

Per Event & Per Season Pricing
Our snow removal services are priced per season or per event, delivering higher efficiency and precise decision-making that can significantly reduce your expenses compared to hourly snow removal rates. We invest in the latest equipment and forecasting technology to ensure your snow removal is thorough and efficient.

Contact us for more snow removal pricing information for your property.
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Commercial Maintenance

Starting At $3,500
A well-maintained commercial property shows your visitors that your business cares about quality, attention to detail, and the environment. Our commercial maintenance services include:
Spring clean up
Cleaning & preparing beds for mulch, redefining bed edges, & mulch installation
Spring & Fall Annuals
Pruning of low hanging tree branches
Cutting back perennials
Shrub trimming
Mowing & edging
Maintaining weed-free beds & treating crack weeds
Fall leaf removal
Turf care, including weed control & fertilization
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